Trading Friends @HEART Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark

# Adventure Parfyme

“Trading Friends (the economy sucks, is that your stuff in my house?)”

We want to explore social and professional networks by following the trajectory of two trades. Beginning with our collaborators Light Partners, we’ll take two identical objects to two names that they’ll provide. We’ll then trade those objects for two other and two other names. As the objects change – and perhaps increase or decrease in value – we’ll see how the relationships between traders affect this conversation.

Trading, of course, is a form of support that both predates money and exists parallel with the money economy. As artists we’ve always relied on trades with friends for materials and services. Most people with limited means rely on trades to some degree or another – and of course, in this economy, it makes sense to explore other forms of transactions.

This is what we want to test – this other kind of economy, which relies on social relationships to generate value through care, common understanding, and shared interest, and commitment to maintaining relationships.

Part of INVOLVER, 2012, Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Herning, Denmark

In collaboration with Laurids Sonne and Douglas Paulson. Listed as Parfyme.