Tent Show @Nikolaj

# Installation Parfyme Deluxe

A proposal for a traveling collaborative tent city, an adjustable space for people to meet and work. A temporary, physical rendering of a community that is otherwise spread across the world.

The tent is central to the exhibition. As a symbol, a concept, a protector, and for its function, color, material and the society and story it represents.

Curated by Parfyme Deluxe.
Douglas Paulson, Laurids Sonne, Ebbe Dam Meinild and Pelle Brage.

Action Gallery / Anthony Schrag (CA), aiPotu (NO), Annie Reichert (US), a.a.s (GB), AXE, Christopher Robbins & John Baca (US), Chuck Yatsuk / Justin Rancourt (US), Cosmic Zoom (DK), Dasein (FR), Dept. for Notion and Connexion (DE), Erik Pirolt / Trond Nicholas Perry / Stian Pollestad (NO), Eva la Cour (DK), Flux Factory (US), Gil & Moti (NL), Ingen Frygt (DK), J&K (DE/DK), Julia / Ariel / Buster / Pelle (NO/DK), Kunstbiblioteket (DK), Mark Geffriaud (FR), Math Bass & Edie Fake (US), Mathias Pharao (DK), Matt Bua (US), NEPCO (NL),  New Beginnings (SE), NG (FR), Nick Tobier (US), Niki Russel (GB), Ole Hartvig (DK), Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Russel (GB), Parfyme Deluxe (DK/US), Raketa (SE), S. Paetau (CZ/FI), Steffen A. Kumar & S. V. Rao (IN), Skammens Vogn (DK), Steffen Jørgensen / Robert Kjær Clausen / Allan Nicolaisen (DK), Summer Guthery (US), The Icelandic Love Corporation(IS), The Video Archive of Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center (DK), YNKB / mixdialogue (DK)

Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center
9/6 – 11/11 2007