Open City Hall

# Installation Parfyme

From Monday at 4 p.m. you can get lost at Copenhagen’s city hall, or go for a guided with us. We’ll assist you through all the winding corridors. And on the way you’ll see benches, signs, intriguing texts, a workmen’s wagon, municipal trash cans of different kinds, and eat popcorn. So, exhibition 3rd of dec. – 13th of dec. == 7.45 am. – 5 pm. Open on workdays.
You can borrow slipper here, so don’t worry about that. Instead, consider road blocks and barriers, if there’s a public library inside the city hall, how the food tastes in the city hall cafeteria and where all the staff’s bikes are parked.

Who is the city hall? If someone asked you something like that you probably wouldn’t know exactly what to answer. Because its not completely clear what is meant by the question. But the city hall is not clear and easy to grasp either, so in that way it makes sense. You could answer the Mayor, and that would be a good try. Or answer the city hall on the city hall square, and that would be a reasonable try, too. In our mind you might as well answer Leif or a trash can or a speed limit or a book.

Just that, welcome, see you there
Pelle, Laurids and Ebbe – with help from Mathias, Pede, Åbille, Sven, Morten, Ronnie, Philip, Sara, Ulla og Flemming