Homage to the scooter @Brandts Klædefabrik

# Installation Adventure Parfyme

Buying the scooters was the first step, equipping them the next and riding them the third: we went for one and two-day trips in the area around the city of Odense. The idea of being members of a “decoration team”, whose job it was to maintain the public space, was the spirit and vision of our team. Simultaneously, using the scooters as objects of inspiration, we built and inflated the exhibition inside. The wish was to combine our local outdoor activities with an exhibition space functioning as a kind of base (and showroom/documentation) for the former.

During the exhibition the scooters could be borrowed for free by anyone with a driver’s license.

In collaboration with Ebbe Dam Meinild. Listed as Parfyme.

Reality 10,55, Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense, Denmark.
Curated by Lene Burkard and Maia Damianovic.
Feb – May 2006