The Ferry @Nørrekær Biennale 2019

# Adventure Temporary

The Ferry was a collective art work made by the organisation team behind Nørrekær Biennalen 2019. It was made to provide the visitors with a unique transportation service and a cozy social experience on their way to the biennale. The Ferry is a reconstruction of an old sailboat (Nibe-kaagen) that traditionally was used for herring fishing and transportation. And the only way to travel across the fjord and forths the field where Nørrekær Biennale is today – now easy to reach by the highway. The ferry was an invitation to visitors to experience the pleasure of leaving the car behind, changing pace and having a good time together on the move.

A collective work by The Nørrekær Biennales organisation group: Finn Thybo Andersen (Dk), Pelle Brage (Dk), Morten Bencke (Dk), Julia Bruun (No), Stoffer Michael Christensen (Dk), Kirsten Dufour (Dk), Elisabeth Kiss (Dk), Katrine Skovgaard (Dk), Tine Tvergaard (Dk), Thomas Østergaard (Dk)

Part of the Nørrekær Biennale 2019.
“Forandring Forankring”
Nørrekærenge, North Jutland, Denmark
Supported by The Danish Art Council, Det Obelske Familiefond.