UDSMYKNINGS BONANZA @Kunsthal 6100, Haderslev

# Public art Participate

Date: 23-24 October 2020

With the Bonanza we turned the production of permanent public art into ane open and participatory event. The citizens of Haderslev was invited to create elements to Pelle Brages public art work at the local culture house/library (Bispen)

Curated by Marie Dufresne, Kunsthal 6100, Haderslev, Denmark
Supported by The Danish Art Council/ Statens Kunstfond and “Trekantområdets Festuge”

See the final results installed: “Samtalen”, “Det Store Mål” og “Det Store Kasteværk”


The Bonanza poster/vision/plan:

We made a lot of special vests for the Bonanza! Decorate Haderslev now – Borrow a vest.

In the months leading up to the Bonanza we visited local schools in Haderslev. Making lumps.

The results of the Bonanza:
(See the final results installed: “Samtalen”, “Det Store Mål” og “Det Store Kasteværk”)

Special Bonanza edition Kunsthal 6100 posters:

Making of /Behind the scenes: