@bat_flix (instagram) The Invitation

# Adventure Participate Movietime

Welcome to @bat_flix

The concept is that you tell us what to do. And we will try to realize/visualize it in a movie. Or use parts of it and mix it up with other peoples ideas.

Send us a direct messages with TEXT about your movie idea/ assaignment.

With Covid-19 the world has stopped for a moment… Lets imagine a new one together.

You can also send us PHOTO, FILM CLIP, SOUND, DRAWING etc. on email. If you want to be “mixed into” a production.



Batflix is an online social film experiment that tests out new ways of making meaningful, visionary, collective and fun entertainment. Entertainment that unites and speaks up about serious issues. We work and communicate on @bat_flix instagram.

The @bat_flix production team is ready to realize your visions and concepts. You can also be connected a production where we facilitate the connection between the different batflix users.

Simply put the corona crisis started with one man eating a wild bat. This gave birth to the name and actions of making Batflix. How does mankind treat nature and what are the consequences of human evolution? Our goal is a world where all parts of nature are looked upon as equal.

We are all experts, because just like the word “experiment” – “expert” literally means “to try”. So give it a try. Imagine a new world. How does it look? And let us entertain each other with this possible new.

A Pelle Brage & Co production. Spring 2020. Collaborators to be announced soon. Dream Team coming up. Be ready!