Banana Factory @Biennial of Town and Town Planners in Europe

# Temporary Early Experiments

Banana Factory

The mobile/movable Banana Factory was a simulation of a factory building using an inflatable form. Inside was a production of dried sliced bananas, outside the banana chips were sold in a small shop. The whole installation was situated along the harbour.

“Each human being has at one point or another his or her own sublime moment, which at its culminating point explodes in pure beauty. At Vesterbro Banana Factory, we believe that the same is true for bananas. The sublime moment for a banana is, we believe, when the banana has reached a proper maturity and soft consistency. By drying the banana, we are increasing this sublime moment, giving it the possibility to last. Yes, a banana tastes exquisite when it is dried! The shape! The colour! The smell! Oh, how we love bananas at our factory! We are proud to present to you this high quality product, even though we are just simple workers trying to pick wonderful bananas and giving them their sublime moment.”

Biennial of Town and Town Planners in Europe, Holmen, Copenhagen. 09.06 – 11.06.2005

In collaboration with Peter Bo Andersen, Julia Bruun and Fabian Nitschkowski.